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Automotive Photography Tips

Let's talk about snapping dope car pics with just the good ol' natural light – no fancy stuff, just real vibes. Ready to level up your photo game? Read more to see our best automotive photography tips!

1. Light Vibes
Timing is key – sunrise and sunset are where it's at. Get that natural glow, play with shadows, and find the sweet spot that feels just right.

lexus sc300 in champagne in orlando
@HEMLALL_K's Champagne SC300, Orlando, FL

2. Where You at?
Think about your backdrop. City scenes, open roads, or even an empty lot – go with the flow that matches the car's vibe. Let the background tell its own story within your own automotive photography composition.

white right hand drive rx7 in orlando
@Mmoxeyy's White Right Hand Drive Mazda RX7, Orlando, FL

3. Weather Talk
Weather's your creative buddy. Clouds bring that soft touch, rain adds drama. Embrace it, but always keep safety in mind for you and the ride. Using nature to your advantage will elevate your automotive photography.

blue mustang rolling with blue sky and clouds
@Exposxd_'s Blue Mustang, Golden, CO

4. Camera Game
Know your camera like your favorite playlist. Mess around with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Go wide for that dreamy look and tweak your speed to catch the action. Rolling photos can also be a really great dynamic shot to include in any automotive photography session.

black and blue yamaha r1 rolling dallas
@AveRides' Tron R1, Dallas, TX

5. Switch Up The Angles
Play with your composition. Go low, go high – do what feels right. And don't forget to get close for those killer details. Angles and composition are an important part of photography and visual storytelling, make sure they capture it correctly.

ride hard coolant reservoir cover
@TayAnde's, Triumph speed triple / 2007, Dallas, TX

6. Dont Rush
Patience is necessary. Whether it's cruising or chilling, the perfect shot comes to those who wait; don't confuse this tactic with just sitting around, you want to be prepared to capture the best automotive shot once it comes.

red GTR on slicks in Denver
@FreshR35's, Red GTR-35, Denver, CO

7. Style & Editing
After a successful automotive photography session, do a bit of tweaking. Contrast, colors, sharpening – keep it real and bring out the vibe. Photo editing for automotive photography is not just about making a photo look better; it's a creative process that adds depth, character, and a personal touch to your work. It allows you to transform raw photos into polished, visually striking images that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

orange GT3 in front of colorado mountain sunset
@SpeedFX_Janitor's Porsche GT3, Broomfield, CO

Grab your camera, soak in that natural light, and let's catch those real moments with the car. It's all about capturing genuine vibes and killer shots within every automotive photography session. Enjoy the ride! 🚗 📸🤘


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